Lisa's Story

As Lisa turned 30, her life seemed perfect. Happily married to Scott, holding newly-minted M.A.s in creative writing and journalism, she gave birth to their first child, Teddy, a perfect ten on the Apgar Scale. And she she had a dream job in  Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

But Scott died of cancer when they were 32 and Teddy was 26 months old. Amid the mostly useless advice  she received, Fred Rogers introduced her to the Celtic idea that "the veil is very thin" between the land of the living and the land of the dead. It helped.

Twenty-five years later, Lisa lost 27-year-old Ted, who was rebuilding his life after struggles with addiction. As she mourns, she is increasingly convinced that there is one viable response to grief: share it. 

A Thin Place aims to provide a space to grieve. No platitudes, no recipes, no bullshit. Just a place as comfortable as your favorite couch, where grief has tears. So come sit, and listen to your grief.